Saturday, December 15, 2012

Educational Learning With Attitude

Welcome to Prepared Parenting. This blog is designed to promote academic education and a closer bond between parent and child. As a former kindergarten teacher and mother of four, I realize the importance and value of early academic learning for children of all ages. Each week, beginning in January, I will offer thematic activities and learning opportunities for families to use in their own homes to increase their children's academic strengths and build upon the important bond of child and parent. 

Each week I will introduce a theme and supporting learning activities that can be done inexpensively and effectively in your own home. Weekly themes will be based upon books that are available at your local library, craft supplies that are most likely already available in your own home and provide online resources to supplement the learning process.

Education is best when done in a manner that is exciting, engaging and entertaining.  If you focus on these three concepts while working with your son or daughter, you will discover how quickly learning becomes fun and exciting for you both.

As a parent, the opportunity to share in your child's learning process will promote a deeper understanding of your child's learning style. Working with your child in an academic setting will provide you with a teacher's insight and a deeper understanding of how your child processes the world around them. 

In addition, as your child grows, this early foundation of shared learning will promote a strong base upon which you will build all future academic success in formal educational programs.

Welcome to Prepared Parenting ~ I hope you enjoy the learning process as much I do! Remember, thematic units begin in January 2013. Looking forward to traveling along this educational journey together.

~ The Good Idea Girl